Holy Bible Studies

This is the Bible studies group that formed with Mr. Schieffer, who lived in Japan for 34 years as a missionary, and his wife as the central figure. Since Mr. Schieffer is very good at Japanese, various gatherings and Bible studies are held in Japanese. There are some gatherings as follows at present (August 2013);

  1. Bible Studies every Monday 10 am -12 pm – Randall Church
    It’s difficult to read the Bible alone. The group is consist of the young and elder, and the people of the group read the Bible little by little by Mr. Schieffer’s guidance. It takes one hour to one and a half hours, and after the study the members have lunch together, which some members brought. Please feel free to join us.
  1. Sunday School every Sunday 9 am – 10 pm – Randall church
    The members learn the Bible in Japanese.
  1. July 4th Independence Day Party 3:00 pm – Mr. Schieffer’s home
    This party is not only for the members but also for other JGB members. There are some games and a chat followed by a potluck party.
  1. Christmas Party mid December 3:00 pm – Mr. Schieffer’s home
    The members sing Christmas hymns, have Mr. Schieffer’s message and and candle service followed by a potluck party. Any JGB members can join the party.
  1. The Bible Studies for male members 1st Friday 7:30 pm         Mr. Schieffer’s home
    Male members learn basic of the Bible.

The meetings of 1 and 5 have a summer break(July and August) and Christmas – New Year’s day off. Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding the venue and the time.

Randall Church Randall Memorial Baptist Church
6301 Main Street, Williamsville, NY 14221

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