Japanese Group of Buffalo

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Japanese Group of Buffalo is a mutual friendship organization composed of people who are interested in Japan, and who live in Buffalo and its suburbs regardless of the Japanese people as well as the nationality. Our motto is “Make Buffalo Bright and Fun!” and we have about 98 family members (as of August 2017). Throughout the year, there are fun and useful events take place!

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Annual events (there some events which are organized by not JGB)

January         New Year Party
March            Social gathering /One-day Consulate in spring
May                Cherry Blossom Festival
June               Summer picnic
October          Social gathering /One-day Consulate in fall, Halloween party
November     Japan Culture Day
Irregular        Social gathering for lunch

<<Recent events>>
April 29-May 6 Buffalo Cherry Blossom Festival
October 18 Social gathering for lunch
October 28 Halloween Party
November 5 Japanese Culture Day

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